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To Adam Christopher

Sweet Dreams

My dearest Adam,
As I lay beside you now, watching you sleep,
I am moved to tears by your sweetness.

Faint brown lashes whispering on your cheeks.
Fair blonde hair brushing your forehead.
Your small pink slightly upturned nose.
Your beautiful mouth framed by pouty red lips,
changing shape and so changing expressions as you drift through your dreams;
Furrowed brows smoothing to soft smiles -
What do you dream about my little one?

You pull your hand up next to your face-
Your sweet hand with itís tiny pink nails;
Your arm just beginning to take on tender baby pudginess.
Could I ever love you more than I do right now?

I caress your face ever so gently,
Trying not to wake you,
Trying not to break this spell-
Capturing this moment to bring with me forever

R.B. Cross 03/06/03

My dearest little Adam,

As I sit to write you this letter I smile as you have only been here with us eight short weeks. In these eight weeks you have become such an important part of our family. Your mom and dad just adore you. I can see the love and joy in there eyes as they look at you or speak your name. Your Papa and I are so excited to begin our new role in your life, as your grandparents. This is a new experience in our lives as you are our first grandchild. Your Aunt Molly was there to welcome you as you were born. She sang your first Happy Birthday to you as soon as you arrived. She is so overjoyed to have a little nephew - I believe she is anxious for a playmate. Your Uncle Brian flew back to Ca upon your birth and the love in his eyes as he first held you was so evident. I know he will take his role as your uncle very seriously, helping to guide you and love you every step of the way.
You were given a very special name my little Adam. You were lovingly named after your Uncle Adam and his best friend, Christopher. You probably met your Uncle Adam before you came to us. Your Uncle was a wonderful, joyful, loving and courageous young man. He would be so proud to know that his name was so lovingly given to you, his sister Rachel's firstborn. Your Uncle taught us many things in the short time he was here with us. He taught us to live life to the fullest, to face each day with courage and with a smile, and most importantly to love unconditionally. We were all given a gift the day your Uncle Adam joined our family. Through the coming years we will share that gift and all your Uncle was with you. Carry your name proudly for it was given in love and tribute.
I look forward to loving you and watching you grow. I look forward to meeting the person you are to become. Always know my little grandson how very much you are loved. We all feel so blessed to have you in our lives. I love you Adam Christopher -for always and forever...

Your Other Mama



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